Another name for the devil is Satan...

Another name used for the devil is Satan. In the original Hebrew language in which those aforementioned stories were told, there are no capital letters and satan means enemy or adversary (of good).
Similarly angel is from the word angelos, or angelus meaning spirit or supernatural being translated from the Greek and Latin texts respectively, and of messenger from the on-high from the Hebrew...There is an assumption of goodness that is actually only justified by the reported words and or actions of the angel or messenger.
For Spiritualists, the fact that mediumistic accounts cram those ancient writings with all the associated phenomena of Spiritualism, there should be a more ready understanding and definite recognition of the elements of negativity coupled with the desire to superimpose spiritual positivity – good over bad.
Because we know that there is another dimension to this physical world of matter, and that there is accepted to be a duplication or etheric double of this world existing in that other dimension; good and bad, also must exist in spirit.
I would go as far as to surmise that the polarised views of ‘Creationists’ and ‘Evolutionists’ will eventually be reconciled. Of course there are persons of various religious persuasions who accept evolutionary theories among the many more numerous who are atheistically inclined. Indeed some Spiritualists - and one Spiritualist organisation in the UK is known to agree with evolution – have also taken this antagonistic to spirit theory on board.
The evolutionary theorists will be caught out by their own reliance on science – the view that everything must be proved through repeated experimentation. They are trundling towards it even as we speak.
Quantum theorists have performed another experiment extending the findings in the ‘case’ of Schrodinger’s cat. Based on classic observation theory, the cat that is in a box is both dead and alive until we open the box, when the actual act of measurement forces it to be either alive or dead. Using a different set-up Alberto Peruzzi and his team at Bristol University have used light beams and a device that splits and then recombines to produce an interference pattern. The result of their experiments is remarked on by Seth Lloyd of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He says,”It’s as if, long after the cat has supposedly been killed or not, one can choose to determine if it is dead or alive, or determine if it is dead and alive.”
Yes we can agree with that opinion and that finding! Dead and alive. Because we know that physical beings are born from spirit, have spirit within and pass on to spirit whence they came, after physical death.
Could it be that we ignore the machinations of those working to undermine the good things in life by the often subtle and disguised outpouring of negativity and patently bad intent that dare we say might be the influence of that ‘devil’. Do we ignore the impact on the spirit world? Will progress towards harmonious and peaceful life on earth and more heaven and less hell be constantly impeded? And even so we will continue to spread our knowledge until everyone is aware of those basic truths that never change. We are spirit of the One Spirit, working for the Light.

In the Spiritualists’ Hymn Book published by the New Spiritualists’ Society there is an in-depth look at why we sing sacred words and have sacred music with regard to our Spiritualist knowledge of spirit-side frequencies and vibrational requirements for communion with good and Holy Spirit.
In our Spiritualists’ Handbook there is a Baptism Service the Church of England may care to use. The only evil mentioned is that from which we ask deliverance in the prayer known as ‘The Lord’s Prayer’.