Proving that Spiritualist religious belief and practices are part of every religion in the world and that psychic phenomena and mediumship are the essential ingredients in every account of the founding of those religions, and in particular the Bible stories of the Old and New Testaments are presented here for your interest.

We find instances of Psychic Phenomena throughout Biblical and other Sacred Texts.
Psychic phenomena is that acknowledged manifestation of super-normal interaction on which the religious belief of Spiritualism is founded.
This religious belief is accommodated within all the world’s religions without exception.
The problem for those of us who declare Spiritualism to be a religious denomination in itself is that it has a divisive effect generally rather than a unifying one!
There are vested interests that are determined to ensure those divisions are maintained, and this is not a problem that shall be addressed here. Rather we shall take a look at instances of Spiritualistic practices and understandings that proves its universality.
Firstly: that all the leaders and founders of the religions of the world were mediums. From Abraham to Mohammed, peace be upon them, to Jesus.
For instance, the founder of the Society of Friends, or Quakers, George Fox, who being a follower of the religious teachings of Jesus, recorded that he thought that believers could follow their own inner guide rather than rely on a strict reading of scripture or the word of clerics... He said that he heard a voice while he prayed – ‘an inner voice’ that drove him to start that movement.
Many a medium hears those voices – but not all can be said to emanate from the highest source...This is another issue for further discussion - but not here at the moment!
We can assume the founders of religious belief systems were all clairaudient, and all in touch with either that which we call The Most High, or the angelic messengers from that Great First Source. The Hindu religion is based on texts that it is stated were received by scholars from that which we call God – or the Most High Source, Buddhist philosophy was relayed by Sidddhartha Gautama, and the Zoroastrian religion was founded by the Prophet Zoroaster – the word ‘prophet’ always meant one who spoke for God/The Great Spirit. Again, not a subject for discussion or to dwell on herein!
The Jehova’s Witnesses were begun by Charles Taze Russell in 1880 who having heard that Jesus had returned invisibly to Earth in 1874 challenged the paying of respect to secular laws and edicts that opposed those of Christ. As a direct result, as pacifists, his adherents were conscientious objectors to military service in whichever country they practiced their beliefs and resided. They were villified and imprisoned in both America and Germany in those wars – in the Second World War over 50% were sent to concentration camps by the Nazis and 1 in 4 Jehova’s Witnesses were killed by the end of that conflict.

And so we come to the practitioners of Spiritualism – even before we were given that name or had come into being as a religion itself; thousands and hundreds of years before the advent of Modern Spiritualism in 1848.
Let’s take as an example the famous ‘Woman of Endor’ – later classified as a ‘witch’ in King James’s version of the Bible. The Hebrew that was the language of that story teller calls her a woman – it was sub-headed as ‘the Witch of Endor’ and that appellation stuck. The words for woman and witch in Hebrew are very different. In fact, the author of this piece was headlined as a machshefa – a witch – not an ‘isha’ a woman, in a Hebrew language newspaper! This I don’t mind as ‘witch’ is derived from knowledgeable or wise from the old English word, ‘wit’...
The story is this: Samuel was dead and King Saul was in dire straits with the Philistines (Philistia is now Gaza) about to attack again. Saul had ‘enquired of the Lord’ without response, as the Bible says, ‘not by dreams, nor by Urim, (a divination method) nor by prophets.’ Nothing had come through. Now earlier in his reign, Saul had banished all the mediums and psychic practitioners out of the country. (Or thought he had)
King Saul couldn’t have been that unaware of the character of his own people to think that they’d really taken much notice of that edict. So he asked his servants to go and find him someone who was in touch with the unseen world so that he could go to see her and get a message from Samuel as to how he could defeat the Philistines. (Bible reference for you; 1 Samuel, Chapter 28 verse3)
They ‘found her’ – of course, and Saul went to visit her in disguise and under cover of darkness. On arriving he was welcomed and asked her, to try and get in touch, “with whomsoever I shall name unto thee” hearing which, she declined saying that the King had made her kind of ministry (our NSS regards mediumship of all kinds as ministry) illegal...That she was too scared therefore to use her gifts. It’s more than probable that her guides had previously told her that this was someone to be wary of...
Saul swore to her that she would not get into trouble – and obviously taking pity on this person who was so desperate for a message, our medium decided to do the sitting. She didn’t ask for reward, but just asked,”Whom shall I bring up for thee?”
“Bring me up Samuel”
Now the Hebrew text reads,’ and when the woman saw Samuel’...
In the English/American versions it’s either ‘translated’ as, ‘and when the woman Saul’ or ‘and the woman looked at Saul’ or readers are told to read it as that, as the original story must be impossible...Those Bible ‘scholars’ have put their own spin on its contents ever since it started being written down so lots of people could hear it read out, or were able to read it for themselves.
So, the tale continues; this medium is told by Samuel that her visitor is King Saul! She exclaims in surprise;
“You are King Saul! Why have you deceived me?”
He answers anxiously, ”Don’t be afraid, what do you see?”
The Bible records the conversation that followed thus;
“I saw gods (spirits) ascending out of the earth.”
And he asked her, ”What form is he of?”
And she said, “An old man cometh; and he is covered with a mantle.”
‘And Saul perceived that it was Samuel and he stooped with his face to the ground, and bowed himself.’
(1 Samuel Chapter 28 verse 14)
Samuel then spoke to Saul. This was either through the medium or as 'Direct Voice'. The woman must have been what we term a ‘Physical Medium’ for Samuel to have manifested in an etheric body so perhaps also an adept for the disembodied voice phenomena.
Samuel asked Saul why he had needed to find him. Saul then told him the sad and desperate state of affairs in the country and asked Samuel what he should do.
After telling Saul that he had misbehaved in the sight of God, and basically what was the point of appealing to Samuel now for help after rejecting doing the right things, he told Saul that he and his sons would be killed by the Philistines the next day.
Saul is then reported as being ‘sore afraid’ and fainting. The kindly medium who had risked her own life and freedom to conduct this important séance then looked after the distraught King and made him a small meal, only a morsel of bread that was all she had, before he went on his way, as she said, “that you may have strength”.
Then there are the other examples of mediumship and psychic phenomena – when King David gave his son King Solomon the pattern and plan of the Temple he wanted him to build. Go to 1 Chronicles, Chapter28 verse 19.
“All this” said David, “the Lord made me understand in writing by his hand upon me, even all the works of the pattern”. This is a clear description of Automatic Writing of which there are many in the Old Testament.
More than that, this temple was to have an inner shrine, a place of ‘thick darkness’. As Solomon is recorded as saying in the Bible – “The Lord has said he will dwell in the thick darkness”. The luminous cloud has been seen many times by those privileged to have been in that thick darkness of a spiritual shrine or encasement...We know that life itself is begun in thick darkness, so why dispute the role of this requirement to the production of spirit-side manifestation?
Now Jesus has been called, ‘A Moses Man’ brought up as he was on those old scriptures with all their psychic material and Moses himself was an accomplished trance medium who often ‘Enquired of the Lord’ in thick darkness. Indeed Jesus was seen in conversation with Moses and Elijah where his garments became bright and radiant as were those of his two spirit companions. This of course was also seen by Jesus’ Disciples chosen for this event; chosen for the strength of their mediumistic capabilities.
I hope that these few illustrations of psychic phenomena in the Bible will encourage you to read it and other texts regarded as sacred in the light of our Spiritualist understanding. Another article will follow with more illustrations of sacred psychic phenomena!