Writing in Psychic World newspaper founded by PN Editor Maurice Barbanell, medium for Silver Birch, Rev Lyn Gibb de Swarte considers walking in the past and ghostly visitations. Our NCSS principal minister asks, reality or imagination?

Here are a few thoughts I would like to offer you on a subject that I have always found fascinating...
I looked at a photograph of my old primary school. Well it wasn’t my old primary school as it was - but a new modern recently built edifice on the grounds of the old one.
And as I imagined in my mind’s eye walking in through the school-gate entrance to the school buildings - I only recalled my approach as it had been - and not as it would be now.
And I realised that the new edifice is literally super-imposed on a three-dimensional plan of the original. And brought to mind those ghost stories that are so commonly recorded and are historically lodged in the psyche of the human race.
A multitude of wraiths walking through walls - Roman Legions trudging across roads and brickwork, sometimes waist-high, and apparitions melting through any amount of wooden doors and solid masonry being common occurrences!
I realised that when I have shuffled off this mortal coil, if I were to revisit happy scenes of my childhood in that future etheric plane, and were I to be spotted so doing, I would appear to be walking through walls too! We know it is possible to raise one’s vibration to the much finer pitch required to make visits to places that exist now. For instance, in healing meditations when we can visit areas of conflict to ease suffering and give comfort.
But visiting an old site that no longer exists physically -surely that is something else.
Spiritualist scientific findings suggests that there is something called the etheric state, and that this is a non-material facsimile of our material conditions.
Therefore, the entire universe must have an etheric duplicate - not just as it exists now, but from the beginning and to the end - if there is one.
It has been posited by at least two of my friends who studied the subject in-depth, Ron Heffer, author and poet, who was a religious Spiritualist, and Ron D. Pearson author of Intelligence behind the Universe, a friend and colleague of the founder of the Campaign for Philosophical Freedom and anti-religionist Michael Roll, that time is cyclical and thus never-ending.

I see a spiritual parallel in the rationale expressed by Epictetus the Turkish-born philosopher, who opined that the nature of God is a circle, of which the centre is everywhere, and the circumference is nowhere.
I’d like to tell you a little about this chap, if you don’t already know of course.
Epictetus experienced his ‘here’ and ‘now’ after being born in about 55 Anno Domini or Common Era if you prefer the secular calendar! In a place that St Paul visited around that time when he was spreading news about the new ‘Spiritual Way’ that was renamed Christianity, and it already had a 60,00 strong Jewish population! And for them it was 3,814…
But it was a Roman province and as a young person he became a slave in Rome. His master was secretary to the emperor Nero! Epictetus (that means owned or bought) gained his freedom after Nero died in 68 AD. He left when all philosophers were banished in AD 93 and set up his own school in Greece.
Back to the question of ghosts and things that have been known to go bump in the night, we are looking at a metaphysical explanation. That everything that exists or has ever existed in this earthly quagmire we call home, exists now, frozen in its own time-frame, and that time itself moves past it… That everything exists on another level of existence that we cannot access, while we are living here as physical beings on a physical manifestation of planet earth. And that ‘we’ is inclusive of all humanity from the very first humans to find themselves in this place which they would have perceived as ‘here’.

Now I had always considered these ghosts to be mere impressions on the atmosphere - imprinted by their psychic emanations at the precise time of the event; extreme emotion… A kind of playback recording of actual people and the trauma or intense happiness they experienced.
Particularly as they are distinguished by the fact that there is no response when spoken to or challenged by someone still in this worldly life.
But I am prompted to consider, that when it comes to spirit activities, there are not hard and fast rules - and sometimes what we think of as natural order, is overturned thereby. And many instances noted too. Particularly in the ancient writings of the biblical books.
And just as there is in our physical lives, there are sometimes reasons for not acknowledging another’s presence, whether or no they try to deliberately attract your attention away from your activity!
So there may be occasions when, if it is someone being allowed to literally revisit a past time briefly, when they could be fully preoccupied with the experience, coupled with the fact that their plane of existence may well be rarefied, that they may have either no awareness of external to them surroundings, and the individuals living there within them, or be so absorbed that they have no desire to have their precious moments interrupted!
If you practice Spiritualist meditation, where you go on a journey of the spirit, you will understand this proposition.
If you are in the halls of learning for instance, are you going to be aware of someone waving at you, or even saying hello, who is not meditating, even if they are in the same room from where you set off in your mind’s eye?
Agreed you could be aware of the intrusion and begin your journey back sooner than you had planned. But this takes an amount of time while the person would have to wait for you to return to normal consciousness for a return greeting. And that is with both of you in the same place in space and time.
But for now, I am happy to close my eyes and making my affirmation as we do before any spiritual undertaking; take myself off in the care of my guides and helpers - and doorkeepers; to remember back and take a walk through the entrance to my old school - as it was when I was happy there. In a normal meditative state, it’s rather like vividly imagining a circumstance and a place, but it always needs to be carefully controlled.
The frequency of imagination generated by the brain is like a streamer put out for spirit input.
And there are instances when those going on such spiritual journeys can increase that frequency to literally travel through the etheric, albeit perhaps on the lower plane we call the astral, that makes use of the etheric duplicate of the physical body, so they may appear in other places as an image - be in two places at once and even though they are still very much alive down here! For anyone not strong and happy mentally, this is not a good option as some danger is out there…
This is the reason for those old admonitions from wise teachers who warned against people with negative mind-sets or those suffering upsets or ill-health not to sit for development. Personally, I believe that as long as prayers are said, and spiritual principles are taught aright, nobody should be denied the opportunity to develop spiritually. And Improve their well-being as a result.
What we must remember that in order to stay safe whatever and whoever we encounter on the spirit or etheric side of life, whether benign or malevolent, we must strive to be as good as we can, to be kind and be merciful, and forgiving, to others.

Michael Roll has a website www.scsad.afterlifeinstitute.org/
To quote Michael Roll, “In 1874 Sir William Crookes discovered the spiritual part of the universe following repeatable experiments under laboratory conditions. He published the results of his experiments in The Quarterly Journal of Science. He was later made president of The Royal Society and awarded the Order of Merit. Crookes discovered the missing 95 per cent of the universe that all scientists are now talking about. It's the part of the universe that we all come from and return to after our short stay on Earth.

“In 1933 Sir Oliver Lodge, the first person to send a radio signal in 1894, presented his paper 'The Mode of Future Existence'. This gives a cosmological location for the spiritual part of the universe. He linked the study of life after death with subatomic forces that are normally out of range of our five physical senses.
Crookes and Lodge were the pioneers of radio and television. They understood about forces that we can't normally see and sense. The other great pioneer was John Logie Baird. In his autobiographical notes 'Sermons, Soap and Television' 1988 (Royal Television Society) on page 66 he tells the exciting story of how a colleague carried out an experiment where he took the fingerprints of an etheric person who materialised. They were identical to those on the dead physical body.”