What exactly is The New Christian Spiritualists' Society? Find out on this page exactly what we stand for, and who we are.

Genuine Mediumship and our Spiritualist Principles.

The New Christian Spiritualists' Society is a religious denomination, and as a Church accepts a definition of Spiritualist Principles as these 8; although other Spiritualist groupings and organisations, both in Great Britain and America, Canada, Australia, South Africa and New Zealand, have variations on the same theme;

1.The Fatherhood and Motherhood of God

2.The Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Humankind

3.Communication and communion of spirits and the ministry of angels

4.The continuous existence of the soul

5.Personal responsibility

6.Compensation and retribution hereafter for all the good and evil deeds done on earth

7.Eternal progress open to every human soul



The objects of the New Christian Spiritualists' Society are:

1)To uphold the traditional Principles and Standards of Spiritualism

2)To establish the practice of genuine mediumship in Great Britain.

3)To educate the general public about Spiritualism and its genuine practices of mediumship and healing

Our New Christian Spiritualists' Society Aims are:

To have the core beliefs, (unconditional life after death) philosophy (as encapsulated by Principles) and Science (genuine mediumship mental and physical) of Spiritualism acknowledged by an Act of Parliament in place of the repealed Fraudulent Mediums Act 1951.

To recognise anyone or any group as Spiritualist that declares itself to embrace the basic principles of Spiritualism as proposed by any of the many different Spiritualistic organisations, whether or not those have incorporated into their titles, principles, statements of belief, a religious leader, symbols, trappings or practices of any religion or religious denomination; or that promulgates any religion or religious denomination, or someone being a member of which, regularly attends its services for the purpose of pursuing its beliefs. Basically we accept anyone who agrees with our core principles no matter what.

The New Christian Spiritualists' Society is the Spiritualist Denomination of Christianity…

You may like the concept of becoming a recognised Partner in support of a mission to bring a deeper understanding of all things Spiritualist to the attention of the world at large...  This official recognition comes by way of a partnership certificate when you make a one-off donation. To enquire further please contact revlyn@btinternet.com

This also entitles you to, agreed by all our convened groups and churches, reduced price for any workshops that offer healer and mediumship tutorial seminars under the auspices of the Society, and also entry into Spiritualist ministry after a period of study with one of those church ministers or our Primus - principle minister, the Most Reverend Lyn Gibb-de Swarte.

You can find weekly meetings Thursday evenings at 7.30pm in the Village Hall, Victoria Street, Littleport, Cambridgeshire, CB6 1LY, under the leadership of NCSS minister Rt. Reverend Nick Brown.  Reverend Wendie Perry is Curate and most able church administrator, are based at this, the first founding church of the Society.  Some of the team are pictured with the evening service's guest medium centre front.

There are also development circles running on an open come one come all basis at reasonable cost.  Reverend Lyn has a wider remit with an ever growing teaching ministry since publication of 'The Spiritualists' Handbook'.

Minister Reverend Karren Cambridge of the South London District of the Society is available for tutorials on a one to one basis in South East London contact 07866505144. She will be only too pleased to give you more information. 

Minister Reverend Garry Titheridge also of South London District NSS will officiate at your ceremonies and holds circles etc. Contact 07505825605.  

Minister The Most Reverend Alan Acton is always pleased to be of service and is busy working alongside The Most Reverend Judith Freeman for the benefit of all who seek access to spiritual knowledge and the friendship that is offered to all who come into our spiritual family atmosphere within the Society. 

Bishop Most Reverend Pollyanna Boothby-Tucker holds regular 'STAFFS'Tuesday evening meetings at Global House (Barnet Carers) 303 Ballards Lane, Finchley for North London NCSS.

Archbishop The Most Reverend Alan Acton, a tutor with the Spiritualist Association of Great Britain for many years, is now working with NCSS Archbishop The Most Reverend Judith Freeman for the New Christian Spiritualists' Society establishing a headquarters administrative church in London. They both have been responsible for a South Eastern Branch, establishing a NCSS presence in the USA, and travelling the world, as is Reverend Ross Bartlett!

The Israel New Christian Spiritualists' Society is under the leadership of Pastor James Wallace Turner.  His group meet between Ashkelon and Jerusalem to the north of the Negev desert - near the valley where David slew Goliath. Pastor James' contact number is 0536245664. 

Reverend Teresa Aveiro is also a busy minister in London!

Minister Reverend Philip Solomon is our minister in Wolverhampton and can officiate  in the surrounding area.

Ministers Reverend Lyndi Molyneux and Reverend John Tunbridge are in East Sussex, Brighton and Bexhill/Hastings and all surrounding areas are served.

Minister Reverend Guy Taylor can officiate in the Crowborough and surrounding area in East Sussex.

Bishop, The Most Reverend Denise Mascherpa is the senior minister for the West Sussex New Christian Spiritualists' Society District church and runs things at SWANS a popular gathering that attracts like-minded people from around a wide area encompassing the town of Worthing in West Sussex.

Also in West Sussex, Reverend Kevin Hopwood and Reverend Karen Barker are busy setting up an online church and outreach worship and healing ministry. They are currently setting up a NCSS sanctuary in Bulgaria.

Reverend Arthur Wright is our minister based in Lincolnshire, flying the flag for the NCSS.

Reverend Scott Williams is Northumbria's senior minister.

Bishop The Most Reverend Jeanette Bolton is senior minister for the East Riding of Yorkshire at the Victoria Road Spiritualist Church, Bridlington, with a special service every Thursday. 

Reverend John Tunbridge is in East Sussex for Bexhill and surrounding areas. 

Bishop The Most Reverend Lyndi Molyneux is based in Brighton and is available - as all our ministers are - for pastoral duties, marriage ceremonies and funerals etc.

Reverend Ross Bartlett is always busy and travels the world.

Pastor James Wallace Turner is in Israel - near the place where David slew Goliath! 

 Another splendid Spiritualists' meeting place is based at 'The Coffee Tree Experience' in Guyhirn, Cambridgeshire, and is hosting the Guyhirn And District New Christian Spiritualists' Society with refreshments available from the well established cafe downstairs.

A Facebook page is up and running for up to the minute information.

You can find more up-to-date information on all the ministers' Facebook pages. Look for Tglad New Christian Spiritualists' Society and Greater Littleport And District New Christian Spiritualists' Society pages. There is also a New Christian Spiritualists' Society FB page too.

The New Christian Spiritualists' Society has published a comprehensive guide to real Spiritualism in 'The Spiritualists' Handbook' priced at only £14.44 from amazon.com.

Its 332 pages are packed with easy to understand 'how it's done - and how to do it' information.  It includes stories about mediums and healing as well as sections on mediumship and healing, ministry and services. Everything you might need to know about the Spiritualist way of life and its practices. We are updating it with more information and guidance.

From within the darkness of the earth growing steadily and inexorably to the light, its red and white petals representing body and spirit, this beautiful flower encourages us on our own life pathway.

YOU CAN SEND US AN Email on this site or more immediately to: thenewspiritualistssociety@yahoo.com