Our meetings/services are always positive, welcoming to all and uplifting - while devoted to spreading the reality of our spiritual way of life.Here is the 'order of service' used by the 1st Spiritualist Church of Christ the Healer. We welcome all irrespective of culture, religion, colour, mode of dress or sexual orientation. We also marry all who are legally entitled without exception and gladly.

Firstly there is a 'suggested donation' collection bowl which means that some may wish to give a little more, some the suggested amount and some less or nothing at all depending on individual circumstances.

Secondly the minister welcomes those attending.

The service/meeting proper then begins.

The minister opens in prayer.

There is then an address based on a Spiritualist interpretation of the Bible. This is usually based on a particular portion of the text that is read either before or during - or both!

There may then be sung a hymn chosen from our New Spiritualists' Society Hymn Book (personal copies can be obtained from amazon.co.uk)

There is then a demonstration of the gifts of the spirit as often mentioned in all those communications from Spirit considered to present as sacred texts. Evidential and validating our belief in life after death - or as we might say, life after life; we deliver communication from loved ones on the other side of life - that other dimension from which we all came and to which we proceed from here - to those attending the service/meeting by our visiting or resident mediums.

After this demonstration there may be a guided short meditation given by the minister.

There is then given prayers for the healing of those listed in our Healing Book/s. One popular form of healing is then offered to those who indicate a desire for such by raising a hand. The ministering healers then move among the congregation placing their hands gently on the shoulders of those so requesting while as they link in to their helpers in the realms of light the minister exhorts the Holy Spirit in supplication to bring comfort to the sufferer.This takes about two minutes for each person. Equally there can either or combined silent healing offered with the minister saying Amen and Thank you to the congregation after perhaps 2 minutes blending of healing thoughts for distant healing.

After this there is a chance for people to speak of their experience.

The service/meeting is then closed in prayer.

There is an opportunity to speak to the minister/s before the raffle in aid of church funds is drawn.